The MABIKAs Foundation logo is a 3 layered circular logo with the outer most layer forming 6 rays to represent the six provinces that constitutes the Philippine Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR). Each element, including colors and positioning symbolize and represent something that speaks of the foundation’s vision, mission, goals and our plan of action.

MABIKAs Foundation envisions a world without prejudice against indigenous people. Our mission to make that vision a reality is to preserve our indigenous knowledge. Therefore, it is our goal to educate ourselves and strengthen our knowledge of our cultural heritage and indigenous identity in order for us to be able to preserve and transmit indigenous knowledge that are accurate, reliable and true.

Why 3 layered

To achieve our mission, we have to undergo 3 stages of development: 

The first one is knowledge and skills acquisition of our culture as well as learning for our own personal and professional development.

Second stage is the transformation of these acquired knowledge into tangible and sustainable assets such as information products. These tangible materials can then be transferred to the next generation as a library of informative and insightful resources, tools for teaching, manual for cultural practice and more.

The 3rd stage is the period of giving back to the community through our contribution in the overall goal of cultural preservation, personal & professional development and community projects. Hence, our logo is 3 layered to represent these 3 stages, circular to symbolize our unity and strength.

What’s with the color selection and placement of elements

The Cordillera map is right in the middle of the inner circle to represent the core of our foundation, which is all about preservation and transmission of our Cordillera cultural heritage and indigenous identity from present generation to the next. The green background symbolizes not only the mountainous Cordillera but also the richness and continuous growth of our region in various areas. Green also speaks of our desire to learn and acquire as much knowledge and skills necessary for us to accomplish what we have set to do. Only through education and action that we can truly attain our mission to preserve our indigenous identity and be agents of positive social transformations.

With acquired knowledge, skills and right attitude, we can attain that stability, depth and wisdom (as symbolized by the blue color)  that we need in order for us to be able to shine in the community. Furthermore, we can bring significant contributions not only to our own Cordillera community but also further to the rest of the  Filipino community as well as to the global societies of indigenous people and the human race! This giving back part is symbolized by the yellow rays and the overall sun-like structure of our logo)