MABIKAs Foundation-The Netherlands, host of the 10th Igorot Cordillera BIMAAK-Europe (ICBE) Conference, is happy and pleased to (re)announce the winners of the “Raising Funds to Keep Indigenous Societies Sustainable & Alive” fun-and-fund drive held on July 27, 2019 (Saturday) in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


1st PRIZE: €500

Winner: Ticket # 4441, APRILLE SANDIWA

Affiliated Organization & Country: MABIKAs Foundation, The Netherlands

Winning ticket drawn by Honorable Jaime Victor Ledda, Ambassador of the Philippines to the Netherlands.

2nd PRIZE: €300

Winner: Ticket #2810, EDNA EVANGELISTA

Affiliated Organization & Country: Migrante Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Winning ticket drawn by First Secretary & Consul Shirley Banquicio of the Philippine Embassy in The Hague.

3rd PRIZE: €200

Winner: Ticket #1760, LUZ MAIO

Affiliated Organization & Country: KAWAYAN, Germany

Winning ticket drawn by Cultural Attache Elea Perez of the Philippine Embassy in The Hague.


Drawn by the next generation of change makers and empowered Cordillerans/ Igorots in Europe, the 10 winners each receiving the cash prize of €50 are from the following countries: Belgium, Germany, Italy, Sweden, and United Kingdom.

1. Ticket # 3964, THESS FABIAN, SAMAHAN-Belgium.

2. Ticket # 3833, NORA, CFC-Belgium.

3. Ticket # 3748, JR MUNDIN, BFHF Bruxelles- Belgium.

4. Ticket # 3531, CHE-CHE MANAGELOD, Belgium.

5. Ticket # 3605, AURORA CABFILAN, Bonn, Germany.

6. Ticket # 7704, MINERVA CACATIAN, BIBAK Ireland.

7. Ticket # 5793, RONI PAGTIILAN, Dap-ayan Milan- Italy.

8. Ticket # 411, JACK DACPANO, Cordillera Migrant Workers Association (CMWA)- Italy.

9. Ticket #292, MICHELLE BUDADEN, BIMAAK Sweden

10. Ticket # 2225, CORNELIA COMILES, Igorot UK- United Kingdom.

Congratulations to all the winners!

To those who bought tickets but couldn’t find their names above, you are still a winner! Your big heart to support and help us raise funds for a good cause makes you a winner. Thank you very much for sharing your blessings with us and with others!

Winners of the grand and 10 consolation prizes can claim their prizes through the point of contact per country (see list below) or directly send your name and bank account details to MABIKAs Foundation via email:

Once again, our heartfelt thanks to the following Igorot and Filipino organizations in Europe who helped sell and distribute the tickets. Dakkel unay nga iyamin mi kadakayo!

  • Austria: Igorot Austria (c/o Marjorie Akistoy & Hilaria Garcia)
  • Belgium: Cordillera Community in Belgium (c/o Susan Kilakil)
  • France: Igorot in France Association (c/o Eunice Dumanew-Gallon)
  • Germany: Kawayan (c/o Jane Klee-Morgens)
  • Greece: Igorot Cooperative in Greece (c/o Joy Oloan)
  • Italy:
    • Cordillera Migrant Workers Association in Como & Milan (c/o Reynaldo Santos)
    • Dap-ayan di I-Montanosa of Northern Italy (c/o Irene Takahashi)
  • Ireland: BIBAK Ireland (c/o James Leroy Quintin)
  • Spain:
    • BIBAK Barcelona (c/o Gil Catimo)
    • BIBAAK Madrid (c/o Josephine Segundo)
  • Sweden: BIMAAK Sweden (c/o Michelle Budaden)
  • Switzerland: BIBAK Switzerland (c/o Jennylyn Liaogao)
  • The Netherlands
    • MABIKAs Foundation (c/o Renijune Abaya, Yvonne Belen, Tessie Gayao, Romelita Heitlager-Gumatic, Sophia Lonogan, Christina Moncado, Myra Zymelka-Colis)
    • Stichting Bayanihan (c/o Diana Oosterbeek-Latoza)
    • Migrante Amsterdam (c/o Noemi Evangelista)
  • United Kingdom:
    • Igorot UK (c/o Juliet Manarin)
    • Benguet Organization UK (c/o Grace Nabus & Evangeline Martinez)