On July 26-29, 2019, MABIKAs Foundation-The Netherlands is privileged to host the 10th Igorot Cordillera BIMAAK-Europe Consultation. The 4-day gathering is also a celebration of solidarity in keeping our Igorot heritage and indigenous roots sustainable and alive all throughout the years.

It’s no secret that though many self-organized and non-for-profit initiatives are all headed towards a noble cause and/or betterment of societies, one of the biggest challenges is still financial limitations. Hosting and holding the 10th ICBE event is one example of aforementioned initiatives.

Apparently, gone were the days when abundance of government subsidies or funding were easily made available to charitable institutions, volunteer organizations, and other non-profits. This situation, however, shouldn’t stop us from doing what we are ought to do. It’s time to roll our sleeves up, work our way out, and help ourselves find a way!

Hence, here we are holding a raffle draw lottery (tombola) to help ourselves cover administrative and manpower costs that are necessary to efficiently and effectively hold the 10th ICBE conference as well as other unexpected expenses that were not factored in during the ICBE planning in 2018. This fundraising initiative is also meant to help cover additional costs incurred for the making and production of the ICBE Souvenir Book. The rest of what’s left from the proceeds shall be used to fund upcoming MABIKAs projects, including initiatives that are geared towards cultural learning, skills trainings, research & documentation, among others.


First Prize: €500

Second Prize: €300

Third Prize: €200

Plus! 10 Consolation Prizes of €50 each

Get yourself a chance to win for only €1 per raffle ticket. For purchase, you can opt for any of the following options:

1. Thanks to the support and cooperation of many Igorot organizations in Europe, you can now purchase tickets from your respective organizations or country of residence. Please see below list of contact persons per country/ organization:

  • Austria: Igorot Austria (Hilaria Garcia)
  • Belgium: Cordillera Community in Belgium (Susan Kilakil)
  • France: Igorot in France Association (Eunice Dumanew-Gallon)
  • Germany: Kawayan (Jane Klee-Morgens)
  • Greece: Igorot Cooperative in Greece (Joy Oloan)
  • Italy:
    • Cordillerans in Italy of Bologna and Modena (Marilyn Aro-Forte)
    • Cordillera Migrant Workers Association in Como & Milan (Reynaldo Santos)
    • Dap-ayan di I-Montanosa of Northern Italy (Irene Takahashi)
  • Ireland: BIBAK Ireland (James Leroy Quintin)
  • Spain:
    • BIBAK Barcelona (Gil Catimo)
    • BIBAAK Madrid (Josephine Segundo)
  • Sweden: BIMAAK Sweden (Michelle Budaden)
  • Switzerland: BIBAK Switzerland (Jennylyn Liaogao)
  • United Kingdom: Igorot UK (Juliet Manarin)

2. If you live in the Netherlands, you can buy your tickets from any of the following MABIKAs constituents.

  • Renijune Abaya (Den Haag)
  • Yvonne Belen (Amersfoort)
  • Tessie Gayao (Roosendaal)
  • Romelita Heitlager-Gumatic (Almere)
  • Sophie Lonogan (Den Haag)
  • Christina Moncado (Amsterdam)
  • Myra Zymelka-Colis (Alphen a/d Rijn)

3. If you have no access to above mentioned organizations and/or contact persons, email us now at mabikasfoundation@gmail.com, and we’ll directly get in touch with you.


1. To those who have purchased tickets, please make sure you have filled up the blanks on the raffle ticket stubs with your full name, email, phone number, and name of organization or country of residence. Needless to say, this is important for us to get in touch with you without any problem when your ticket number wins the raffle draw.

2. The prize money will also be sent to the winners via bank transfer.

3. Designated contact persons per organization or per country shall submit all sold ticket stubs and payments to below MABIKAs bank account by June 28, 2019 (Friday).

Bank Account Name: Stg MABIKAs, de Filipijnse Cordillera Verbinding NL

IBAN: NL79 INGB 0009 1208 66

In your transaction, please write ‘Raffle Ticket Payments‘ followed by your full name and name of organization or country of residence.